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After 15 years in Yachting and visiting/working so many boatshows around the world, we decided to create a portal to share Tabletop Tips and award the creativity & design that each Top Crew creates.


During the Boatshow, the crew doesn’t always have the opportunity to visit other vessels and check out other tabletop masterpieces. With this in mind, Top Notch Tabletop was created.


And we all know it would be very rare that the same place setting will repeat itself, because every port will be different, the flowers will vary, the candlelight and the music will be tuned to that one moment in time. That is why sharing that moment thru a yachtie lens is so important.


Please join us, in this visual adventure by emailing your Top Notch Tabletops to or posting them on our FB page:








Each year at the Palm Beach Boatshow Aqualuxe hosts the Top Notch Tabletop Challenge, in which stews working on vessels participating at the Boatshow will share their tablesettings and awards are granted via FB voting in 4 categories: Luxe Interior, Outdoor Chic, Menu Design & Tip of the Day.


At the Miami Boat Shows there is not a competition, but instead we showcase the stellar table settings on to share with stews around the world.


Enjoy browsing the past boatshow pictures as we've already amassed a great library. If you are not at the boatshow, please email us those special settings to share with other crew.


We love learning from the Tips of the Day! In yachting every day is a new learning experience, and what better way to share your knowledge and creativity.     Find new ways to re-use decorations, inspire other stewards, learn flower arrangement tips and much more. 


I hope you like it!       


Cris Clifford.

Aqualuxe Outfitting


  • M/Y Unbridled

  • M/Y Sovereign

  • M/Y Lady Janet

  • M/Y Arianna

  • M/Y Seven J's

  • M/Y Gravitas

  • M/Y Allegria

  • M/Y Chevy Toy

  • M/Y Snowbird

  • M/Y Amarula Sun

  • M/Y Aphrodite

  • M/Y Atlantica

  • M/Y Katya

  • M/Y Rasselas

  • M/Y Kakawi

  • M/Y Seanna

  • M/Y Olga

  • S/Y Necker Belle

  • ...and many many more

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