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Will your vessel be @the Palm Beach Boatshow?

Top Notch Tabletop @FLIBS 2016

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


The rules were simple:

Create a fabulous table setting and show us some of your favorite tricks to wow your guests as they approach the table.

Alene Keenan from MPT and Cris Clifford from Aqualuxe judge upon intricacy, creativity, and attention to detail.


Showcase your creativity and win the title for:

  • Top Notch Tabletop 2016

  • Most Artistic Napkin Fold

  • Most Enchanting Centerpiece Design

  • Best Tip of the day


Click on the images above to see all Top Notch Tabletops in each category!


All vessels participating at the Fort Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show 2016 were eligible. Stewardesses are  permanent crew onboard.

Photo-shoot: November 4th.


Email Cris @ info@TopNotchTabletop to collect your prizes.



We photographed the #TopNotchTabletops at the Fort Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show this weekend.

Our journey began at the north docks near Las Olas bridge where we found chief stew Bronwyn Martin and her team on M/Y Arioso had perfectly executed a  “gilded by the Greek Gods” theme. Their centerpiece showcased a variety of Grecian vases, urns, golden stones, and glassware rimmed in gold. With vines suspended overhead and grapes overflowing a gleaming vase, the clever use of dry ice created a smoky, mysterious environment.


Dani, Caroline & Yana on M/Y One More Toy incorporated a Buddha theme with a collection of candle holders set upon a soft chiffon cloud for a peaceful, Zen look. They also showcased a fresh, casual lunch setting utilizing the color turquoise as their inspiration, where the addition of starfish and floating candles emphasize the tranquil beauty of their tropical surroundings.


Cassidy Jerram from M/Y Passion created a sophisticated Thai fusion rainforest centerpiece incorporating tropical blooms, moss, and candles into an elegant floral design.

M/Y Lady Pegasus II had a welcoming table settings. Simple yet charming with a great message: “Count your blessings, not your calories” handwritten on the six mini pumpkins decorating each place setting. The colors, materials and overall design accented a Harvest Thanksgiving table. Perfect for the season! Their Harvest Cocktail recipe earned them: Best Tip of the Day.


Next, was M/Y Nita K, a 124' Delta that inspired us with the Most Artistic Napkin Fold. Irma Malabanan beautifully pressed white napkins into swans that complemented all-silver accessories and blue hydrangeas for a refined elegant design to match the interior décor.

M/Y Sea Dreams displayed a simple-chic beach theme outdoors to accentuate the coral color scheme on the aft deck. Their interior table impressed us with an Egyptian design using imaginative peacock elements. Maryanne Condy and Rosa Sabatino draw inspiration from their surroundings when creating tablescapes and researching menus that enhance the dining experience for their guests.


M/Y Island Time was on beach-party-mode! Welcoming with gilded pineapples and tropical flower arrangements on both tables. Ollie Ryan and Natalie Maches also created a candy bar on their country-style galley for all guests to enjoy.

Mimi Sarancic, chief stewardess on M/Y Galactica Super Nova, a brand spanking new 70m Heesen, caught our attention with a charming lunch setting on deck, featuring a magical forest theme. Cleverly positioned forest creatures, air plants, and fall-colored candles arranged over beautifully pressed white linens were captivating. Her exquisite napkin fold was a show-stopper! The overall theme earned the title of Most Enchanting centerpiece. On the main deck, Mimi bedazzled us in the dining room, with exquisite Saint Louis glassware, Baccarat butterflies, and a simple elegant design that complements the interior. One of our favorite elements was the ultra-modern table with stainless inlays.  

M/Y Lady Leila, M/Y Abracci, and M/Y Temptation dressed their tables according to their classic interior design, meanwhile M/Y Matrix Rose was extremely simple and modern.

Chief Gwen Hamp, Erika Lawrence, Kacee Wedderburn and Kirsty Bilson opted for a classic Fall Thanksgiving setting for M/Y Huntress, a 55m Feadship. Their setting was completed with different colored corn and pumpkins monogrammed by hand. Fall leaves blowing in the wind and antique candles were all part of the centerpiece.


Last, but not least, we were transported back in time to the heart of the Aztec civilization.  Coatlicue, the gold-leaf covered earth goddess, was honored by offering traditional chia, quinoa, red & white corn, and beans. different varieties of peppers, indigenous artifacts, and mini cactus plants added fresh, vibrant colors. A complex geometric Aztec design of dried beans, a traditional blanket used as a runner, and adorable Guatemalan Worry Dolls placed on each napkin completed the scene. The intricacies of design, execution of theme and attention to detail including traditional music playing in the background and the offering of a spiced hot chocolate beverage earned this setting the title, “The” Top Notch Tabletop @FLIBS 2016! Congratulations to chief stew Kate Burns, Ana Huertas and Tonia Bradford!!

Inspire and be inspired.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and time. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

We hope that the photos of these designs will encourage you to inspire and be inspired. Share your creativity and find new and resourceful ways to redecorate and repurpose your decorations.


Thank you for sharing your table settings and tips with stews around the world.

Alene Keenan & Cris Clifford


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FLIBS 2016

drum roll please....

the winners are:

Fort Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show 2016

"The" Top Notch Tabletop 2016

1st Place goes to:

M/Y Sovereign
M/Y Sovereign
M/Y Sovereign

M/Y Sovereign

by Chief Stew Kate Burns, Ana Huertas & Tonia Bradford


wins a tray of goodies valued at $250 from Aqualuxe Outfitting, to include:

+ The Yacht Guru's Bible by Alene Keenan

+ 2 hr Tabletop Consultation onboard

+ Beach tote from Global Galavant


Most Artistic Napkin Fold:

MY Nita K

M/Y Nita K

by Irma Malabanan & Melvin Malabanan


win a Luxe Tray from Aqualuxe Outfitting
+ 2 hr Tabletop Consultation onboard
+ Beach tote from Global Galavant


MY Nita K

Most Enchanting Centerpiece Design:

M/Y Galactica Super Nova

M/Y Galactica Super Nova

by Mimi Sarancic, Galina Cazanli, Valentina Voitenko

win a Luxe Tray from Aqualuxe Outfitting
+ 2 hr Tabletop Consultation onboard
+ Beach tote from Global Galavant

M/Y Galactica Super Nova

Best Tip of the Day:

M/Y Lady Pegasus II

M/Y Lady Pegasus II

by Anick Chiche & Michelle Mayer


win a Luxe Tray from Aqualuxe Outfitting

+ 2 hr Tabletop Consultation onboard

+ Beach tote from Global Galavant

Our Harvest Cocktail is made of Vanilla Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, & Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk. After frosting the glass, dip the rim in syrup and then in crushed graham cracker crumbs. Shake the ingredients over ice and float mini marshmallows on top.

Congratulations & thank you for sharing your skills!

Check out this great clip by

showcasing Top Notch Tabletop Challenge 2016


And THANK YOU to all our sponsors!

Thank you for your interest in awarding the creativity and design that each Top Crew creates and spreading the word.

We are proud to partner with the best brands and promoting the best local services.


Special thanks to Alene Keenan, author of "The Yacht Guru's Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht" for being our guest of honor. Thank you to Bibi Martinek from the Global Galavant and Dorie Cox from the Triton for your continued support.


To all participants:

Email Cris at to collect your prizes!

Aqualuxe Outftitting

Aqualuxe provides the essentials to serve guests with the ultimate yet practical luxe items in the world while staying in budget and meeting deadlines.

Years of experience onboard and outfitting some of the largest most lavish yachts, has narrowed it down to the “must haves onboard”.


Aqualuxe is rewarding all yachts participating witha 2hr Interior Consultation, valued $180




The Yacht Guru's Bible by Alene Keenan

This is the book that I wish I'd had when I started out in yachting. In the "The Yacht Guru Bible" Alene shares her expertise, tips, guidance and insider knowledge. Filled with photos, illustrations, checklists and more, this book will teach you how to elevate you hospitality skills and excel on a luxury yacht.






Prize Value $27.95


The Global Galavant

If you haven't met her, you are in for a treat! Bibi Marinek is a "local" artist from South Africa, she is also a yachtie-chef by day and a traveler at heart.


Our Staff loves her boutique style totes that we can customize with the yachts logo, perfect for charter & crew gifts.


Price Value $200

4 x assorted nautical Totes

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The Triton

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If you are a local business and would like to join us and sponsor this event, please contact info@aqualuxeoutfitting for more information.

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