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Yachts Miami Beach

formerly Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show

Enjoy  browsing the past boatshow pictures as we've already amassed a great library.

Feb 11-14, 2016
Nauti just got a whole new meaning


This year we photographed the Top Notch Tabletops @ the Yachts Miami Beach Boat Show.


"...experience Butter me up Nut Squash Soup and a Love-Me-Tender Rack of Lamb with all the naughty fixings. Every detail, down to the crushed red pepper heart shaped plate, ready to get some oil poured. " Check it out!

Feb 12-16, 2015
Fabulous romantic settings


This year we photographed the Top Notch Tabletops @ the Miami Boat Show on Valentine's, and needless to say cupid did not disappoint.


Fabulous romantic settings, asian inspired fortunes and creative organic centerpieces were some of the designs showcased. Red was the outstanding pop of color. Check them out! 

Feb 12-16, 2014
A window to Boatshow Tabletops


The Miami Boat Show, also known as the Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach was the setting for creative tabletops this year.


From traditional tones to fun casual designs, the interior crew at the Miami Boat Show featured their Top Notch Tabletops.

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