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7 categories, 14 yachts

33 stews participating

Palm Beach Intl. Boat Show 2017

The official tabletop competition

vote by liking the photos on our Facebook links

THERE are 3 photos per vessel, per category

the sum of the 3 photos will be counted april 1st at midnight:





The rules were simple :


All vessels participating at the Palm Beach Intl. Boatshow 2017 are eligible, however entrants must be permanent crew of the vessel.


Photo shoot was Friday March 24th.


Photos will be posted on the Top-Notch Tabletop Facebook Page March 27th and ends April 1st at midnight.

Winners will be announced the at the spring Triton Expo, April 5th, at the tennis courts of Bahia Mar Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale.


The rules were simple:

Create a fabulous table setting and show us some of your favorite tricks to wow your guests as they approach the table.

Showcase your creativity.


2 main categories:Luxe Interior Tabletop and/or Outdoor Chic.

Awards will also be granted for the following categories:

  • Most Artistic Napkin Fold

  • Top Creative Centerpiece

  • Best Beverage Presentation

  • Stylish Menu Design

  • & Best Tip of the day


Our amazing sponsors contributed with over $5500 in prizes.

Awards are granted via FB voting in 3 categories: Luxe Interior, Outdoor Chic & Tip of the Day. Only one prize category winner per vessel. The more categories you enter, the more chances you have of winning. But you can only win in once in those 3 categories.

Cris Clifford from Aqualuxe Outfitting photographed the #TopNotchTabletops at the Palm Beach Boat Show this weekend. Read here the highlights.

We started walking the north docks to find chief stew Samara Rose from M/Y MAG III showcasing a bouquet of roses within the most stunning vase decorated with no other than the Triton, son of Poseidon, the messenger of the sea. Her centerpiece draped from the light fixture with greenery and bubbles with roses and kale. Vintage silver coasters combined with the Hermes china finish this mythological elegant theme.

Ashleigh, Cayla, Goody & Kelly onboard M/Y Spirit displayed a Bohemian Chic Outdoors table setting incorporating succulents, sage, carnations, cactus, different size vases, rock crystals, rosemary & thyme. The napkin fold was the perfect scale, a simple fold with a rosemary evergreen in it, for an earthy look. Their drink of the day was a rum based iced tea called “Spice of Spirit” that includes black chai, cinnamon, star anise, rosemary, thyme, coconut cream and a black salted rim; delissh.

Black stones and candles inside sparkling clear vases of different widths, drift wood, orchids and greenery were the centerpiece onboard M/Y Kisses. Krisli, Bernie & Mel opted for a Safari modern look and used different animal napkin rings to decorate the surrounded naturalistic centerpiece.

Inspired by James Bond, Nadine & Natasha on M/Y Sofia added dice, chips and name cards with the characters; they mixed in a bit of Alice in Wonderland with upside down tea cups, flowers and votives. The rose flower butter with the oil & vinegar presentation is a detail to take note.

Chloe, Leigh, Nadine & Chantal were inspired by gold and navy. The centerpiece aboard M/Y Broadwater was decorated with LED lights, flickering candles, gold flatware, & navy china. They displayed 2 napkins per setting, a white one on a double roll inside a navy starburst napkin ring and the other, a navy napkin simply draped over the white charger for background effect. Loved it!

Maeve & Dani aboard M/Y Abbracci prepared for a hot weekend in South Florida and created beverage stations on every deck for their guests to hydrate. They also displayed two chic outdoor designs that included a modern take with red coral and green napkins on the aft and a fishing net decorated with shells and succulents on the top deck.   

Melanie & Marica designed a Japanese-theme for the interior & outdoor settings on M/Y Nita K. With gems and stones created the symbols for live, laugh & love. They dressed the charger with a French double-sided style fan napkin fold over Swarovski crystal napkin rings.

Being the owner’s favorite, Daniela Breban & Shannon Jones, from M/Y Lady Joy showcased a common element on their table. From the china, the napkins, the placemats and the vases, red coral was the focus. The use of elevations covered by draping different fabrics, lit candles, shiny shells & decorative drift wood made this a very cozy tablesetting.

Chief stew Ania & Haylee on M/Y Allegria added exquisite deep purple calla lilies to their napkin fold for a sophisticated look. A very well thought-out display of non-symmetrical ornaments in different color metallics included gold chargers, silver and gold detailed flatware, copper & black decorations, amber votives & taupe silky napkins with a gold ring.

M/Y Madsummer added several fish tanks to the centerpiece, combined with 2 gorgeous tropical arrangements, the dragon flies on the napkin rings were the finished touch for “the tropics theme”.

The girls at M/Y Match Point took the centerpiece to another level. With so many athletes chartering and paying homage to the name of the vessel, they used tennis balls and rackets on the centerpiece and cut out the balls to create their own napkin rings. Very created Chef JP, Candice and Stephanie!

Some of the most elegant classic designs included M/Y Octopussy displaying a beautiful rose napkin fold and M/Y Safira with a perfectly ironed fan fold.

Last but not least, Marie Ramsay from M/Y Te Manu was refreshing her stunning tall main flower arrangements as we were coming in. Her elegant design, with impeccably ironed linen, perfectly folded, gold-plated silverware & china, hanging pearls and flickering candles impressed us at the door.  Te Manu’s crew offered their guests fresh lemonade in a beautiful tray presentation at the door. Chelsea Gallaguer, mixed the Yacht’s specialty drink: the Te Manu, you see Te Manu means bird in Polynesian. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day, as the lemon will bounce in the wind as a bird on the martini glass. I also have the recipe for you, stay tuned.


All Top Notch Tabletops were creative and every design had a different story to tell.


Good luck to all participants!

Inspire and be inspired!

Share your creativity and find new and resourceful ways to redecorate and repurpose your decorations.

I hope you had as much fun as we did. See you all at the Triton Expo in Bahia Mar on April 5th.

Follow us on our Facebook page for all updates: www.Facebook/Topnotchtabletop

Thank you for sharing your tablesettings and tips with stews around the world.


7 categories, 14 yachts

33 stews participating

Palm Beach Intl. Boat Show 2017

Thank you to all our sponsors!

Thank you for your interest in awarding the creativity and design that each Top Crew creates and spreading the word.

These are top notch local services and luxury brands, that our organization rates at the top of their respective division within the Marine industry. Add these to your contact list:

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Located five minutes from the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport, MPT is the largest, most complete full service private maritime school in the country, training mariners since 1983. MPT offers USCG and MCA License and STCW training, including YM, OOW, Chief Mate, Master 3000, BRM, GMDSS, Firefighting, Basic Safety and more. PYA Approved Yacht Interior Courses are taught by The Yacht Guru herself, Alene Keenan. Maritime Professional Training's new 25,000-square-foot $ 6 million expansion of its training facility is now open for business.


Wine Watch

A wine shop like no other. The moment you walk in you know you are in for a treat. Lights are low and everywhere you look there is wine. The lower temperature and the use of wood elements gives the space a cellar feeling. From collector's wines to the everyday crew basics, Andrew Lampasone is your go-to wine guy.





The Yacht Guru's Bible by Alene Keenan

This is the book that I wish I'd had when I started out in yachting. Photos, illustrations, schedules, checklists, and more will help you avoid mistakes and teach you how to elevate your skills to excel on a luxury yacht. In THE YACHT GURU'S BIBLE, the author provides practical tips and guidelines along with insider knowledge from many years at sea as a Chief Stewardess. You learned how to get that first job, now learn the essentials to succeed.  Great training tool for Chief Stews to work with new crew.




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Flowers and Found Objects

Located on Las Olas, this cozy little shop is a gem! A delight for first-time visitors as well as returning customers, stews are sure to be inspired, time after time. Best known for their unique and beautiful floral designs, they also carry an ever-changing selection of fascinating decorations for tabletops or as turndown treasures.  The staff rocks. Talk to Gary or Patrick.


Yves Delorme

From bold prints to classic Athena, Yves Delorme's bedding and bath linens are Top Notch. Top selling brand for Aqualuxe Outfitting.

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Global Marine Travel is the industry leader in special airfares for the Maritime Industry. They specialize in one-way, refundable, changeable marine airfares. It's a full-service travel agency.

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Yachty Rental

Yachty Rentals is South Florida's #1 choice for scooters, jeeps, RV’s, SUV’s rentals and more. Yachty Rentals is now also offering crew accommodations located with a 3-mile radius of Ft. Lauderdale airport and Marinas.


The Global Galavant

If you haven't met her, you are in for a treat! Bibi Marinek is a "local" artist from South Africa, she is also a yachtie-chef by day and a traveler at heart.


Her boutique style totes that can be customized with the yacht logo are a staff favorite!!




American Yacht Agents

A full-service yacht agency and concierge service. Their goal is to simplify the lives of captains and crews visiting the U.S.


American Yacht Agents excel at shore side support, customs & immigration for port state compliance while in U.S. ports, dock reservation, fuel and waste management, banking, & executive transport.  Email Deborah Radtke


Dockwalk Magazine

A crew favorite! You will find many relevant posts for captains and crew about training and Safety, Travel and Superports.


Join their online community. Who knows you might even find yourself in it?!

YachtingToday.TV is a cutting-edge online yachting magazine that combines powerful editorial content with interactive video and a comprehensive photographic library.


Suki provides New England, South Florida and international clientele with a complete array of services. Specializing in HD video and photography, Suki also produces, directs and edits promotional video products. If you see a helicopter flying over a yacht, there’s a good chance Suki’s shooting a video.


Bluewater Crew Placement

I'm sure you've heard the news that our favorite agents at Crew Unlimited, longtime supporters of Top Notch, have combined forces with Bluewater Yachting creating one of the largest employment databases with access to more than 5000 jobs per year. For interior department positions, give Holly a call and set up a meeting.



The Triton

Our Staff's choice for Nautical News!


They are the voice of the yachting community. Their mission: "To give captains and crews the information they need to help them run their boats and manage their careers."


Don't miss the Triton Expo on April 5th at Bahia Mar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There will be food and beverages to engage an expected crowd of more than 600 captains, crew and industry professionals.

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