M/Y Te Manu
M/Y Te Manu

by Chief Stew Marie-Louise Ramsay

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M/Y Gravitas
M/Y Gravitas

Breakfast at Tifannys

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M/Y Excellence
M/Y Excellence

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M/Y Te Manu
M/Y Te Manu

by Chief Stew Marie-Louise Ramsay

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The official tabletop competition

The official tabletop competition

Top Notch Tabletop Competition at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2017

Participate in one or all  categories!

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Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show 2017


We can't wait to see those amazing tabletops!

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Here are the highlights from TNT @PBBS 2017:

We began on the north docks with our first participant, Chief Stew Samara Rose, from M/Y MAG III showcasing a chic arrangement of roses in a stunning antique silver vase that depicted the mythological God Triton, son of Poseidon, Messenger of the Sea. Her centerpiece featured roses entwined in the chandelier, complemented by greenery and whimsical glass bubbles holding small bouquets of roses and kale suspended aloft. A unique collection of vintage silver coasters accentuated lovely Hermes china to finish this elegant mythological theme.


Ashleigh, Cayla, Goody & Kelly onboard M/Y Spirit displayed a Bohemian Chic Outdoor table setting incorporating succulents, sage, carnations, cactus, an array of vases, crystals, rosemary & thyme arrayed on a soft, muted-green velvet table cover. The simple napkin fold was the perfect accent, with sprigs of evergreen rosemary to complete the earthy look. The Drink of the Day was a refreshing rum-based iced tea concoction named “Spice of Spirit” that featured black chai, cinnamon, star anise, rosemary, thyme, coconut cream and an interesting black-salt rim. Delissh!!


Black stones and candles accented a variety of sparkling clear vases...

7 categories, 14 yachts

33 stews participating

Palm Beach Intl. Boat Show 2017

Good luck to all participants!


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