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Top Notch Tabletop Challenge 2016

@Palm Beach Boatshow

Palm Beach Waterfront. March 17-20, 2016

Palm Beach International Boatshow 2016

Aqualuxe is extremely excited to photograph the Top Notch Tabletops at the Palm Beach Boat Show Friday March 18th! Can't wait to visit so many of our friends back in town and make new ones.

We will be showcasing the stellar table settings on to share with stews around the world.

As always we will be inquisitive about your tip of the day. 


No rules, just bring on the creative elements that make you shine!

Enjoy browsing the past boatshow pictures as we've already amassed a great library.



below is the porthole to the #TopNotchTabletops @ Miami:

Yachts Miami 2016

Miami 2016: luxe interiors, chic outdoors & tips of the day!

drum roll please....

and the winner is:

Yachts Miami Boatshow 2016

M/Y Livernano

cheers to valentines!

by Traci, Savannah & Georgia
by Traci, Savannah & Georgia
by Traci, Savannah & Georgia

Chief stew Juliet Paola and her team from M/Y Livernano, a 95' Princess, were inspired by cupid and showcased a "Nauti-Love" Top Notch Tabletop like no other!

A welcoming bar setup invites the guests to  step aboard and experience "Butter me up" Nut Squash Soup and a "Love Me Tender" Rack of Lamb with all the naughty fixings. Every detail, down to the crushed red pepper heart shaped on the bread plate, was spot on. Read more...


by Traci, Savannah & Georgia

Congratulations & thank you for sharing your skills!

Check out this great clip by showcasing Top Notch Tabletop Challenge 2015 at the Palm Beach Boatshow earlier this year, where the creativity and elegance in design were tastefully executed.


Showcase your

Unique Style

Post your most fabulous tablesettings

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or email them to us:

Boatshow Competition



Check out our upcoming events, including Top Notch Tabletop Challenge 2016 @Palm Beach Boatshow and the Spring Triton expo.




AT #MIAMI 2015


Check out the

Top Notch Tabletops at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show




Chefs, share with us your amazing creations before they hit the table.

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